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All thanks to the leading tech giants, the consumer market is now loaded with wearable accessories and gadgets. Whether you speak of iWatch or AR headsets, people are going gaga over this newly-introduced technology. Experts believe the Wearable market will further expand with the onset of newly launched technologies.

SkyTech Mobile is a leading wearables app development company with years of app development experience. We utilize modern technology to create seamless and much-loved apps. Our expert developers are capable of designing top-notch wearable apps that your customers resonate with. Our primary strategy is to make customer-centric apps to keep them hooked to your products.

The market is competitive but a wearable app can set standards for you. With highly-functional features and impressive designs, you can woo your customers by promoting the products in style. SkyTech Mobile will provide services keeping in mind your requirements and business solutions.

John, you have gone beyond what our agreements were, and for that reason, I will forever be grateful. Thank you for being a mentor and friend.

John is a true professional with an amazingly diverse toolkit of skills. He has excellent customer service, communications, and technical skills and is truly committed to developing, delivering, and supporting products and services which deliver more than promised.

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We offer a wide range of services for you to explore and incorporate into your business.

Smartwatch & Apple Watch Apps

All thanks to the latest wearable accessories, our lives have become easy and convenient. Reaching the audience requires a carefully-crafted strategy and we do that before starting to work on the app. Smartwatches and other wearable gadgets have taken the world by storm. Companies and retailers require a seamless app to showcase their products.

This is your turn to get a wearable app developed for your smartwatch business. Our expert developers are dedicated to creating a responsive and ingenious app that hooks your customers.

  • Strategic Planning
  • In-Built Push Notifications
  • Wearable Device App Integration
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Support for Calls and Messages
  • Application Integration
Smartwatch & Apple Watch Apps

Google Glass Apps

With the world going hands-free, Google came up with the innovative Google Glass that helps you view information directly from your field of vision. These glasses are connected to your phone or other communicating device via Bluetooth and WiFi. You can even access multimedia and other features through Google Glasses. Long story short, they are a kind of artificial screen.

You can give your customers a delightful Google Glass experience with a trendy wearable application. Experts at SkyTech Mobile are efficient and profound in the wearable app development industry.

  • Google Apps Strategy
  • Application Deployment
  • Post-Development Support
  • Application Planning
  • Custom Application Development
  • Application Launch and Promotion
Google Glass Apps

Smart Band Apps

Smart bands are very much in the trend. People, especially fitness freaks are wearing them all the time. This technology has paved the way for many other industries and Smart Band app development is one of them. Business owners are switching to online selling mode to reach more customers. All you need is a responsive and fast app with a smart interface and your business is good to go.

You should definitely have a Smart Band App if you wish to impart impeccable experience to your users. Our developers keep all your requirements in mind before building the app of your dreams.

  • Health App Development
  • B2B App Development
  • Smart Band App Testing and Upgrade
  • ECommerce Smart Band App Development
  • App Strategy Consultancy
  • Smart Band App Maintenance and Support
Smart Band Apps

AR/VR Apps

Artificial Intelligence really kickstarted the tech segment and give it a good push. The evolution of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality has played a key role in this development. In fact, AR/VR-driven Smart Bands are taking over the market with their convenient features.

If there would be the best time to get AR/VR apps for your business then it's now! SkyTech Mobile is a leading AR/VR App Development company providing solutions across the USA. Our years of experience make us capable of handling anything and everything related to the app development sector.

  • AR/VR App Consultation
  • Sensor-Based AR/VR
  • Visual Recognition Solutions
  • Location-based VR/AR App Development
  • Face and Gesture Recognition Apps
AR/VR Apps

Wearable Payments Apps

Gone are the days when people paid with cash. Online and cashless payments are now preferred by consumers. This has also escalated the sales of wearable devices. Business owners look for a guaranteed ROI, which can be achieved through wearable payment apps. This revolutionary technology has made digital payments more convenient.

The developers at SkyTech Mobile are highly experienced and proficient in their work. We deliver impressive and cutting-edge wearable payment applications within your budget. From adding the best UX/UI to other essential features, you can trust us!

  • Wearable Device Wallet Development
  • Custom Wearable Payment Systems
  • Payment Processing Solutions
  • Payment Integration with Other Apps
  • Payments Security
  • PCI and EMV-Compliant Apps
Wearable Payments Apps

IoT Wearable Apps

The world of technology is ever-changing and technologies like the Internet of Things or IoT are highly sought after by companies. Making connectivity and data sharing easy, convenient, and hassle-free, IoT Wearable Apps are the future.

SkyTech Mobile offers top-notch app development solutions at affordable prices. Our experts can create a perfect IoT Wearable App for Android, iOS, and Windows giving your customers a seamless experience.

  • IoT App Consultation
  • IoT App Development
  • IoT Wearable Device App Integration
  • IoT Connectivity Development
  • IoT App Testing and Maintenance
  • IoT App Support and Upgrade
IoT Wearable Apps

Hire Wearable App Developers

What do you look for in a Wearable App Development company? Quality and expertise are the top features influencing your decision. SkyTech Mobile offers more than that. We are a pioneer of the industry operating across the USA. Our premium services make us the best app development solution provider.

Hire Wearable app developers from SkyTech Mobile for enhanced results. Our wearable apps are highly responsive with advanced features. Let's give your business a classy boost with an impressive Wearable App.

  • Expert developers
  • Uninterrupted support
  • Delivery within committed timelines
  • Budget-friendly
  • Domain expertise
  • Compliance with app stores
Hire Wearable App Developers

Wearable Device Apps Development Expertise

Wondering why you should trust us? Here you go!

Latest Technologies

Latest Technologies

We believe in matching steps with change and that's why we no longer rely on primitive technologies. Our solutions are truly driven by the latest technologies.

Satisfactory Results

Satisfactory Results

We believe in delivering excellent services that help us serve our customers with satisfactory results.

Strategized Work

Strategized Work

Our team first creates a plan and then strategizes each step of development and production.

Timely Services

Timely Services

Our expert developers deliver the solution on time. Punctuality is a virtue for us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a Wearable app varies according to the features you add. Typically, an app will cost you around $5000 - $40,000.

We are proficient in utilizing Flutter, Android, iOS, PWA, React Native, and many more. Our years of experience has made us capable of working with simple as well as complex technologies.

We are very careful when it comes to our customer’s data. We secure every piece of information and data you provide.

We pretty much provide top-notch solutions for all wearable devices.

Yes, we have a team entirely devoted to this field.

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